Waasityyah Course


📆 Starting January 24th 2020 (Every Friday Night in shaa Allaah)

⌚After Maghrib Eastern time

🌳 The Basics of Islamic Creed – Aqeedah Waasityyah

✒Authored by Shaykh al-Islam Ahmad Ibn ‘Abdil-Haleem ibn Taymiyah

📝 Explanation of Shaykh ‘Ubayd ibn ‘Abdillaah al-Jaabiree (حفظه الله)

👤Taught by Abul-‘Abbaas Moosaa Richardson (حفظه الله)

📡 LIVE Broadcasts & Recordings via:

📲 For updates follow:
🌐(@BakkahPubs): https://twitter.com/BakkahPubs?s=09

🌐(@1MMPGH): https://twitter.com/1MMPGH?s=09

📲 Purchase the Workbook via Amazon:
🇺🇸USA: https://t.co/SYwE15attK

🇬🇧UK: https://t.co/pfr6sC1WMm

🇨🇦CAN: https://t.co/iXaBIQC2tL

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