40 Hadith Study

Bismillāh wa -Alḥamdulillāh wa Ṣalātu wa Salaam ‘alā Rasūlillāh ‘amma ba’d

At-Tarbiyah South Florida is pleased to present a Monthly class with our Noble brother Adil bin Arif  (May Allāh Preserve Him) who is a Graduate from the Islamic University of al-Madeenah in Saudi Arabia. He is also a student of some of today’s major scholars. This online class commences of Saturday the 27th February 2016 and will continue the last Saturday of every month by the Permission of Allāh.

This Monthly class will be in English and Broadcasted LIVE In shā` Allāh.

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🔊Spreaker: Spreaker.com/tarbiyahsouthfl

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📞Conference Line in The US: 1- (302)-202-1108 PIN: 306150

Inshā` Allāh Ta’ālā

Wa Billāhi Tawfīq

Wa ṢallAllāhu wa Sallama wa Bārak ‘alā Nabiyyinā Muḥammad wa ‘alā ‘Ālihi wa Ṣaḥbihi wa Sallam



Monthly Saturday Class Instructor

Adil bin Arif is a South Florida native. He was accepted into the Islamic University of Madeenah in 2001. He graduated from the Faculty of Hadeeth and Islamic Sciences and had the opportunity to travel the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to benefit from some of the contemporary scholars. His travel and studies (outside of his university studies) includes sittings with the Noble Scholars in Riyadh, Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan,  Shaykh Saalih bin Muhammad al Luhaydaan, Abdul-Azeez ibn Abdullah Al ash-Sheikh and others. In Makkah, Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Umar ibn Saalim Baazmool, Shaykh Wasiullah Abbas , Shaykh Rabee’ bin Haadee al-Madkhalee (when the Shaykh used to live in Makkah) . In Samita, Shaykh Zayd Al-Madkhalee and Shaykh Ahmed an Najmi. Adil bin Arif currently resides in Madeenah where he is a student of Shaykh Ubayd-al-jabiri.


Bachelors degree in Hadeeth Sciences

Islamic University of Madeenah , Saudi Arabia

Arabic Language Certification

Islamic University Of Madeenah , Saudi Arabia

Study Material

Hadith#1 “Actions are but by intentions”

Download Hadith#1 Pdf


Sayyid al-Istighfar- “The Best Supplication for Forgiveness”

Download Sayyid al-Istighfar Pdfistighfar

Sayyid al-Istighfar  Audio

The best of invocations for forgiveness Download (Right click & save link as)

Read by Adil bin Arif


Class#2 Study Material

Hadith #2 “Hadith of Jibril”

Download Hadith#2 Pdf


Hadith #2  2-PAGE PDF: Break down for Easy Memorizing

Hadith2 BreakdownHadith2 Breakdown-page-001

Hadith2 Breakdown-page-002