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Guide to Understanding Terrorism for Teachers and Students

By Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Wahid

Student:“We see Islam and terrorism often mentioned together these days. So what does Islam say about terrorism?”

Imam: “Islam forbids all forms of terrorist activity. There are however some extreme factions of people who, in the name of Islam, terrorize both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The most well-known of these militant groups are Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and Iraq. These terrorist groups are called Khawarij in Islamic terminology because the term refers to those who rebel against Islam and the Muslims. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) foretold their appearance and instructed the Muslims to stay away from them, and to defend themselves if they attack them. They first rebelled against the Prophet’s disciples in the time of the fourth Caliph, Ali, killing some of the finest companions of the Prophet Muhammad.”

Student: “So why do these militant Khawarij look upon the rest of humankind and see them as worthless who can be killed without mercy and compassion?”

Imam: “Because they believe they are the only ones left with any true faith in God, and everyone else besides them is an infidel, or an apostate whose life has no value. They see themselves as God’s chosen people who must punish all the “enemies of God”, cleanse the earth by the mass killing of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. That is why they can stroll down a street and open fire on every man, woman and child in sight without a second thought or any compassion. One of their leaders openly claimed: “Today the whole of the world is a land of unbelievers, even Mecca and Madinah.” These Khawarij are merciless killers who have no compassion, they kill innocent, unarmed civilians without any regard for life. They do not judge by God’s Laws; they are a law unto themselves and they have no religion except that which they have invented for themselves; they murder Muslims and non Muslims indiscriminately. They burn Muslims alive in cages, and then claim piety for themselves! And you have heard this yourself from the actions of ISIS. The Prophet said: “No one punishes with fire except the Lord of the fire.” (Ref: Abu Dawud) The Khawārij are people who have no mercy, so they will not be shown mercy, just as the Prophet Muhammad said: “Whoever does not show mercy to people, Allāh will not show mercy to him.” (Ref: Muslim)”

Student: “What are the signs of radicalization that I can spot in others so I can avoid it and advise them?”

Imam: “There are certain signs and signals that you can see in someone who’s trying to radicalize others. Let me list a few of the clearest signs of an extremist:

1) He will constantly focus upon the political situation of the Muslim regimes in the Middle-East, and make that the centrepoint of his discussion as if it is the most important affair in Islam.

2) He will abuse the Muslim rulers declaring them to be unbelievers and apostates; and then justify violent revolution in Muslim countries under the banner of “judgement is for Allāh!” A phrase misappropriated by the extremists and misused.

3) He will praise the leaders of extremist ideologies such as Sayyid Qutb (died 1966). Qutb is revered by extremists all around the world from Ibn Laden to Anwar Al-Awlaki. He was a prominent leader of the Egyptian group, The Muslim Brotherhood. His writings are widespread and translated into dozens of languages including English. The US-born Yemeni terrorist, Anwar Al-Awlaki once boasted that he was so immersed in the writings of Sayyid Qutb that he felt the presence of Qutb with him in his prison cell!

4) He will declare all Muslims who contradict his political world-view as unbelievers.

5) He will quite often glorify the acts of violence perpetrated by terrorists whether it be suicide bombings, beheading of hostages, killing of non-Muslims, kidnappings, etc. You will not hear condemnation of violent extremism or its figureheads from him.” Read Full PDF

At-Tarbiyah South Florida Classes

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✒ Adil bin Arif  (May Allāh Preserve Him), Graduate from the Islamic University of al-Madeenah, Saudi Arabia.

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What is At-Tarbiyah?

At-Tarbiyah means education and cultivation. At- Tarbiyah South Florida aims to provide Muslims education and cultivation upon pure Islam in the hopes that their beliefs, worship and manners will exemplify the teachings of our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him, as practiced by his Companions. The concept of Islamic Tarbiyah is paramount in the daily lives of all Muslims (i.e. the education and upbringing of the people). Tarbiyah begins with the education and training of our own selves, then of our families, and then of the community at large. This Tarbiyah is most important with the respect to our children, so that they are brought up upon the correct Islam.

“Verily Allaah does not change that which is with a people until they change that which is within themselves”
(Surah Ar-Ra’d: 11)


Our Mission

Our mission is to enlighten the South Florida community through the proper understanding and practice of Islam in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah, upon the understanding of Islam’s pious predecessors.

Prominent Students of Islamic Knowledge from the United States and the United Kingdom have aided us in compiling Dawah material such as pamphlets, books, audio CDs, and e-books, catering to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


Vision Plan

At-Tarbiyah South Florida has a mission plan centered around establishing a community based only upon authentic knowledge and returning affairs to the qualified scholars of Islam. Our vision is summarized with the following;

  • Tasfiyah (Purification) & Tarbiyah (Cultivation) of the people upon the Qurʽān and Sunnah from the authentic sources – disseminated in the language that is accessible to the people.
  • Being Transparent, Manifest & Clear in our Call & Methodology (also known as al-wuḍūh).
  • Connecting the People to the Grounded Scholars of this Ummah.
  • Cooperation & Collaboration with the various Masājid in the United States / UK who maintain the pure methodology of the Salaf us-Sālih
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  • Strong Focus on Disseminating Authentic Knowledge from its correct sources in educating the people through various mediums such as;
o   Classes / Lectures
o   Da’wah within Colleges/Universities
o   CD’s / Pamphlets
o   Beneficial Fatāwā’ (via Qualified Scholars)
o   Translations
o   Website Content
o   Social Media
o   Mailing Lists / Newsletters
o   Events / Seminars
  • At-Tamyīz (Differentiation): Associating ourselves with only those who properly uphold the principles of the Aqeedah (Creed) & Methodology of the Salaf us-Saalih (righteous predecessors), and distancing ourselves from the people who have added / innovated in religion (people of religious innovation), to provide and maintain the clarity in the pure authentic call to the Qur’ān & Sunnah.
o   Educating the people regarding the correct Sunnah
o   Implementation of it in its various forms
o   Making Clear that which opposes it (bid’ah)
o   Freeing ourselves from those who falsely / improperly apply the religion (people of innovation)
  • Warning of Deviant / Extremist Calls & Ideologies. We strive based upon the guidance’s of the scholars to counter extremism in all its forms. We also aim to provide clarity in the reality of the extremist calls and expose the methods used by fanatical preachers to lure our youth to extremism.
    Please see video series entitled: “Warning Against ISIS & Khārijī Ideologies in Our Era


At-Tarbiyah Da’wah

      Returning to the Noble Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah upon the understanding of the Salaf-us-Saalih (Pious Predecessors). This is from the command of our Lord

“And whoever contradicts and opposes the Messenger (Muhammad, prayers and peace are upon him,) after the right path has been shown clearly to him, and follows other than the believers’ way. We shall keep him in the path he has chosen, and burn him in Hell – what an evil destination” an -Nisaa 115

 “So if they believe in the like of that which you believe, then they are rightly guided”al-Baqarah – 137

       Purification of the Muslims from shirk and it’s various shades, cautioning them from innovation and foreign rejected practices and ideologies introduced into Islam. Purifying Islam from baseless explanations of the Qur’aan that do not return to the understanding of our Salaf. Purifying the Sunah from weak and fabricated narrations that have proven to destroy the clearness and purity of Islam and has also proven to prevent the advancement of the Muslims. This shall be taken on those of knowledge as the Messenger of Allah (saws) said “This knowledge shall be carried in each generation by those who repel the distortions of those who go too far, the misguidance of those who are astray, and the opinions of the ignorant” and follow the verse of Allah “ and Help you one another in Al -Birr and At -Taqwa (virtue, righteousness and piety); but do not help one another in sin and transgression”

       Cultivation and Education of the Muslims upon the authentic Islaam. Calling them to practice its laws and adorn themselves with its virtues and manners which we bring about for the pleasure of Allaah and will assure for them happiness and success. Assisting one another so as to be that group of people mentioned in the Qur’aan who are saved from loss and destruction. Working by the ayat “and recommend one another to the truth and recommend one another to patience ”(Asr –3) and Allah’s command:

 “Be you Rabbaniyoon (learned men of religion who practice what they know and also preach others), because you are teaching the Book, and you are studying it.”(Aali Imraan 79)

      Reviving the correct Islamic scholastic manhaj (methodology) in light of the Quran, the Sunnah upon the way of the Salaf of this Ummah. Removing the stagnant state of blind following of madhabs and ideologies. Removing the blind-tunneled vision of partisanship, which is unfortunately a severe sometimes-incurable virus that controls the thinking of many of the Muslims and has distanced them from the true brotherhood of Islam. We do this following the verse “Hold on tight all of you to the rope of Allah and do not divide” and the statement of the Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallaam) “And be all of you brothers”

      Presentation of realistic Islamic solutions to contemporary problems, and strive to resume a true Islamic way of life and to establish a true Islamic society by way of consultation with the ‘Ulamaa (Scholars) of this da’wah.

Promoting authentic Islamic Education in South Florida from the Quran & Sunnah upon the way of the Salaf. Warning from deviant groups such as (ISIS & Qaeda) upon guidance from the senior scholars.